The Chloe Rae Memorial Fund is a tribute to an extraordinary dog, Chloe Rae, who touched the lives of so many while with us for 18 1/2 years!

It is through the establishment of this fund that Chloe's lasting legacy is to help other companion pets through life's financial hardships when dealing with extraordinary veterinary bills.
Our mission is a simple but important one:

To make available to individuals and families facing insurmountable veterinary bills, financial assistance to help offset those costs.
Chloe Rae always had the best health care and it is her wish that that level of care is available to all Frederick County companion pets!
The Chloe Rae Memorial Fund is a joint venture between the Frederick County Humane Society (FCHS) and Marketing & Research Resources, Inc. (M&RR, Inc), a Frederick-based market research and insights firm.
The initial vision for the fund was the brainchild of David Vershel, Rich Bowell, and John Bekier.
The Chloe Rae Memorial Fund can only help those pets in need if the fund has available monies. That is why we count on donations made by folks just like yourselves. What's even better is that money donated by you is matched by M&RR!

So please, make your donation today to help that pet in need!!

It begins with US!
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