Chloe's Story
Chloe Rae was an exceptional "puppers". In the truest sense, Chloe embodied loyalty, companionship, and unwavering love. Born June 12th, 1994 near Toledo, OH, Chloe started her life destined to be a breeding dam. Luckily for her, she was saved from that life and offered a life of opulence; one that was void of any form of hardship. The first 5 years of her life were spent in Ohio, the last 13½ were in Maryland -- Chloe passed away November 18th, 2012 in the arms of her parents.
In regards to her health, Chloe Rae was incredibly healthy. On April 3rd, 2008 at the age of 13, Chloe received cataract surgery to correct her sight. At 11 years, it was discovered that she had a low-level heart murmur that, up until her passing, was successfully treated by her Cardiologist.
It wasn't until the Fall of 2010 that Chloe Rae's physical health took a turn for the worst. It was discovered that she had a pinched spinal cord in the lower part of her spine (from all the years of doing what Jack Russells do best -- jumping!). Although she could walk, she experienced discomfort climbing stairs and trying to jump. It was decided that because of her incredible health, we would go forward with the corrective surgery. On September 9th, 2010 Chloe Rae went under anesthesia and after the four hour surgery she awoke a new dog. It would take 4 months of intensive physical therapy, acupuncture, and MOST IMPORTANTLY love and support, to be able to walk properly again which was both a physical and emotional strain for her.
After her surgery and recovery, Chloe was fortunate enough to receive quarterly senior blood work -- even though senior blood work is done annually. Only the best for lil' Chloe.

About the Chloe Rae Memorial Fund
The Chloe Rae Memorial Fund is focused on one, and only one, goal:

    To provide access to the same level of veterinary care that Chloe was able to receive.

To that end, any person or family that is faced with the decision of euthanasia over unaffordable vet bills may tap into this fund to help offset some of the costs.

The Chloe Rae Memorial Fund is a joint venture between the Frederick County Humane Society (FCHS) and Marketing & Research Resources, Inc. (M&RR, Inc), a Frederick-based market research and insights firm.
The initial vision for the fund was the brainchild of David Vershel, Rich Bowell, and John Bekier.
The Chloe Rae Memorial Fund can only help those pets in need if the fund has available monies. That is why we count on donations made by folks just like yourselves. What's even better is that money donated by you is matched by M&RR and the FCHS!

So please, make your donation today to help that pet in need!!

It begins with US!
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